Friday, March 26, 2010

James your freaggin heart out homie!!!

Imagine how easy your life would be, if your phone was your watch.......imagine how much cooler you would be if your phone was your watch... ladies , i magine how much easier it would be to find your phone when that guy from the club called you up at 3 in the morning. Well thanks to Kempler & Strauss you can stop imagining and start living. The "w" is the all new Quad-band GSM phone/time piece that works with AT&T and T-mobile.
As you can see it comes in 3 colors, black-titanium-white. There is also a special edition Gold version of the watch, but only 1000 units will be made and sold. All the devices come with a blutooth stylus 
Specs: The devices runs on 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz bands. The micro-touch LCD touchscreen is 1.5 inches across, running 260k colors at 128 x 128 resolution. The phonewatch's camera captures video,in AVI format at a resolution of 128 x 104, and still images in resolutions up to 640 x 480. It also does playback of AVI files and plays MP3, WMA, WAV, and AMR music files. It has the usual phone features, with up to 150 mins or 2 hr 30 mins of talk and music time. It can be charges via usb, or in this case micro usb and the standard charger. And the 1 feature i found to be a bit odd is, it has 100 hours of standby time, so alittle over 4 days......thats not bad....not bad at all. 10 out of 10 in my book, it only cost $199 plus the $14 for s&h. i know im getting one, are you?

Friday, March 19, 2010


      Apple is now accepting APP's for the iPad, due to launch next month. If you don't have an iPad testing unit then it will be hard to test your APP, but so far they've been testing the apps in an Emulator, kinda like project 64 for all u illegal gamers out there. With that said i don't think there will be a third party type APP for the iPad until it comes out, but i have a feeling that every nerd in the known universe it coding away trying to get there app published so don't expect to be apping it up if you purchased one. personally, the only app i need is the TWSS ( That's what she said) app by  CTFxC, look it up. There might be a WDC APP coming, i dont know what it will do, but i want my own app dammit !!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Europeans like Opera............who knew?

If you live across the pond then when your got your PC your were given the chance to pick your web browser, affectionately known as the "ballot screen". Chrome by Google, Firefox by Mozilla, IE 8, Safari by Apple, and Opera are the choices. Chrome Firefox and IE 8 are very famous, very successful, don't get me wrong, so is Opera, when it comes to mobile devices. But it seems that Operas downloads and usage has doubled, or tripled, it depends on who you listen to and what you read. Opera thinks this is do to the "ballot screen" , see normally your computer comes  with IE or Safari if you have a mac, but now people actually have a chance on what they chose to use, and Opera(which i am currently running now) is a great browser, the widgets are dope, and the themes cant be touched, not even by the themes from Chrome. But i have to ask.... will this help boost Chrome cause pretty soon, as we all know, chromium will no longer just be a browser......

( that's called foreshadowing, its a technique used to say that there's something coming in the future.................i was talking about the Google OS, just so you know)

The Rumor Mill : Google TV

Ok, so its just a rumor, but its all over the net, that google along with some other tech giants,  are setting up a tv type thing. To be specific, Google Intel and Sony have come together, with a android run Internet TV, to be used in the home, and kinda like Time Warner it will have a "cable" box, not sure if its cable, cause its net based,, but theres not actual intel on this, like i said, its just a rumor. when we hear more, we will lets you know.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Normally i dont do this, cause they're not paying me, but is a really really kewl site. I use it alot, mostly cause i build websites and it makes things alot easier when i have a prefabed template to work from, so whenever you get a chance, go check them out, maybe use one of there templates on your next site, and tell them i sent you, so they can pay me, times are tuff lol

IE 9 Platform Demos

So i was on twitter, and i saw " IE9 " as a trending topic, so as usual, i hit up google and checked it out. Fortunately i run Vista SP2 on my PC, which is a hp BTW, and am loading it now ...
Don't trip, it didn't take that long, only about 30 sec, I'm trying to add dramatic effect. So another window will open up on your desktop.I should note now that its not the full browser, so the browser opens to the IE 9 test page and lets you test its speed, HTML5 graphics and HTML5 coding availability. It runs OK, of course there's some bugs, but like i said its not the full browser, just a testing tool. If the actual IE 9 is anything like 7 and 8 then i will definitely stick to IE.

Windows Phone 7: better late then never

This is gonna be a short one, but a good one, and no....that is not what she said.

So windows phone 7 has been seen everywhere, if you dont know what im talking about, then click here. Anywho, It made is debut at the MWC in Barcelona, so the whole mobile world can see whats going to crush them this year. But honeslty...i like it. Its a very clean, and dare i say sexy looking phone and os. For those of you who havent seen it, it looks like this:
I know the first thing that comes to mind looke like a Zune, and you are correct sir or ma'am or both if you do that type of thing. The Zune hd is the perfect example of how the device looks and feels, it has no buttons, well, no physical buttons atleast. Just a big 'ole screen, kinda iPhoneish, but so far ahead. I know we are all thinking, why now come out with a phone, when your only competition did it years ago?...............well, if you think about it, it makes sense . There is no competition for this phone, its in a league of its own, like that crappy movie. The UI is not like the typical phone, its not just a bunch of squares with thumbnails, its totaly different. Just huge squares, in primary colors of course, with bold white txt, not 3d looking like the usual, there superflat, like chinese gymnast flat, they give the phone a very rigid and square look.  oh btw, if you dont want to read this, just watch the video: